Kissimmee Florida Homes For Sale

South of Orlando you'll find Kissimmee, a wonderful city and a major destination in Osceola County. You might already know about Kissimmee because of its proximity to major amusement parks, its incredible shopping malls or even its college campuses.

While Kissimmee makes for an unbeatable vacation, there are a number of lucky people who get to call Kissimmee their home. If you are searching for your next place to live in the Central Florida area, don't forget to explore the option of Kissimmee.

The Population of Kissimmee

Kissimmee is one of the larger cities in the Greater Orlando area, boasting a population of nearly 60,000. The population is very diverse, creating a melting pot of cultures and groups. Nearly 38 percent of the population lived in a household with a child under the age of 18, showcasing the family-friendly nature of Kissimmee.

The population of Kissimmee makes it a medium-sized city, but its proximity to Orlando means all the amenities of a much larger urban area are incredibly close and readily accessible. This is an absolute advantage when it comes time to stay in a large teaching hospital or fly out of a major international airport, among many other things.

Learning All About Kissimmee's School System

Kissimmee residents will become part of the Osceola County Public School System. Kissimmee is home to a staggering number of schools, offering a variety of choices to parents as well as students.

To start, there are 20 elementary schools located within Kissimmee alone. There are also an additional 10 middle schools. High school education also comes with a total of seven options, including high schools that cater to the arts as well as those that focus on STEM or international baccalaureate curriculum.

Exploring What is so Great About Living in Kissimmee, Florida

There are a number of reasons that living in Kissimmee is such an appealing option. To start, it is what many consider to be the perfect size, offering opportunity without sacrificing safety.

In addition, Kissimmee is convenient to big-city life, including airports, giant shopping malls, amusement parks and more. However, Kissimmee isn't entirely developed. There are still places within Kissimmee city limits where you can stroll through nine different ecosystems or ride an airboat through the swamp to spot birds and alligators.

Not to mention that Downtown Disney is right outside of Kissimmee, offering access to nightlife, big-name performers on tour, upscale dining and plenty of fun for all ages.

Whether you're in the market for a condo or a single-family home with a spacious backyard, Kissimmee might be the right option. Close to Orlando, in the hub of Central Florida and boasting an excellent school system, Kissimmee is a clear choice for homebuyers and those in search of an idyllic place to call their own.

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