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If you're in the market for a new home, and you're considering a range of potential destinations, then the greater Orlando area might stand out to you. Endless attractions, incredible weather throughout the year and a friendly population are certainly all big draws to the region.

However, there are a number of different communities, towns and cities that make up the center of the Sunshine State, and choosing your next hometown can be a challenge. Altamonte Springs in Seminole County is a top contender and a wonderful place to live, work, raise a family and make friends.

Population of Altamonte Springs Florida

The overall population of Altamonte Springs is just under 42,000 as of the last census. This makes it a small city, offering warmth and friendliness. However, it is important to keep in mind that Altamonte Springs is still within the Orlando Metropolitan Statistical Area, which boasts a population of over two million.

Therefore, there is no end to the amenities or facilities of a much bigger city, and residents of Altamonte Springs will always be just a short drive away from international airports, shopping malls, amusements parks and everything in between.

Schools in Altamonte Springs, FL

Altamonte Springs boasts a number of education options for its residents. There are four public elementary schools, one public middle school, one public high school and six private or charter schools.

Lake Orienta Public Elementary is widely regarded as one of the top elementary schools in the region, and it is ranked as an 8/10, while Lake Brantley High School is the top high school in the region and receives the same impressive ranking.

Advantages of Living in Altamonte Springs

A great school system is just one of the reasons to call Altamonte Springs home. The city has been revitalized in recent years, and a large shopping mall as well as an upgraded downtown are just some of the benefits.

The city is served both by public buses and the commuter train system called Sun Rail, making it accessible with or without a private vehicle. Another major draw to the area is the fact that residents are involved in local events. There are year-round fireworks festivals and cultural events, not to mention nearly a dozen public parks, playgrounds and sports complexes.

Virtually everything you need is within Altamonte Springs, and access to high quality medical care or international travel is just minutes away in the greater Orlando area.

While Orlando is home to a number of excellent neighborhoods and communities, Altamonte Springs is undeniably a top pick. Shopping, dining and outdoor recreation are just the highlights of what this Central Florida city has in store.

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