Tips to Help You Choose the Right Tile for Your Bathroom

Colorful Bathroom Tile Design

In most homes, there is no question that the bathroom floors will be tiled. Tile is a solid choice in the bathroom because it can typically withstand the moisture and humidity present in this part of the home, and it also gives the right aesthetic that many homeowners are going for.

Of course, the fact that tile is a hygienic option that is incredibly easy to clean is definitely a major advantage. If you are struggling to choose the right bathroom tile for your home remodeling project, use these helpful tips.

Start With Your Budget

The first step is creating a budget because it can keep you in the right price range as you browse online for various types of tile. Once you have a final budget cost in mind, decide how many square feet you have to tile in the bathroom.

Typically, you should multiply the total square footage by 110 or even 120 percent to account for errors and odd cuts around the perimeter of the room. Dividing the total budget by the amount of tile you need to buy will net you a certain dollar amount per square foot, which is key when you are comparing tiles online.

Consider the Material

Once you have a specific price per square foot in mind for the project, you can start looking at various materials that fit into your budget. Porcelain and ceramic tile are the two most popular options for bathrooms, and they fall somewhere in the middle of average pricing.

Toward the upper end of the price spectrum is natural stone tile, which includes a very popular tile called travertine, and there are many other types of natural stone that will look wonderful in a bathroom.

Choose a Tile Shape

Some of the great tile developments over the past decade include a rising number of tile shapes and sizes. While homes were once limited to a few standard squares in different sizes, you can now find everything from tiny squares all the way to hexagons and even rectangles.

It is up to you to choose the right tile shape and size for your floors, but don’t be afraid to branch out and pick something a little out of the ordinary.

Pick the Right Color

The final decision to make when it comes to tiles in the bathroom is color. With so many different colors to select from, this can actually be quite challenging. The key is to think about which colors are commonly found throughout the rest of your home. You don’t have to match it exactly, but keeping it within the same color family helps create a more cohesive look throughout the house.


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