Caring for living room furniture

Extend the Life of Your Living Room Furniture

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Living room furniture is a serious investment, and you may find that replacing it costs a little more than you have in the bank. Luckily, there are ways to give your existing pieces a makeover. Before you start applying for credit to buy new furniture, [...]Read more

Arranging furniture in a small living room

Arranging Furniture in a Small Living Room

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Every living room is unique and used in a unique way. The way a living room functions plays as much a role as its shape when it comes to placing the furniture. Structural elements like a fireplace and wall outlets also play a key role [...]Read more

Home Decor Accessories

Finding Inspiration For Your Home Decor

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At first, you would think that choosing decorative items for an unadorned room would be an easy thing to do. However, a room that is void of decorative items is like a blank page to a writer or an white canvas to an artist. In [...]Read more

Buying Home Furniture

5 Rules For Buying Furniture

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Whether you happen to be updating your living room or furnishing a newly constructed home, the process of buying furnishings can be a long and sometimes challenging process. However, it can be made easier with a few key tips. These rules, or guidelines, can help [...]Read more

Luxury Home

A Look at the Latest Popular Living Room Furniture Styles

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If you're wondering what the latest trends are in living room furniture styles, look to fashion. Fashion and interior design have never been more tightly interwoven than now. Whether it's an accessory that sparkles like jewelry or pops of color that catch your eye like [...]Read more

Casual Living Room

Choose the Right Living Room Furniture Your Lifestyle

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Your living room furniture is probably the first thing people see when they walk into your house. You want it to look great. Choose pieces that are in balance with the room, suit your personal taste and can withstand the demands of your family. Size [...]Read more

Boxer on The Sofa

Pets and Living Room Furniture

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If you have pets, it can be difficult to keep your furniture in good condition. Cats like to scratch furniture, and dogs' nails dig into furniture when they jump on or off of the furniture. It is a good idea to choose living room furniture [...]Read more