5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Stove or Oven

Cooktop and Built in Oven

In any kitchen, some of the most important appliances will be the stove top and the oven. You can opt to buy these two items together in the form of a traditional range oven, or you can go the luxury route and invest in a double wall oven and an induction cook top. To help determine what will be the best fit for your kitchen, answer the following questions and let your responses guide your decision.

1. Do You Have a Preference Between Gas and Electric?

A great place to start might be deciding between gas and electric stove tops and ovens. If you’re an amateur chef with a love of the cooking channel, then you probably already know that gas stoves are preferred among the culinary elite.

For everyday home chefs, however, the consistency of an electric stove and oven might be the easiest choice. You can, however, get the best of both worlds with a gas stove top and an electric oven.

Be prepared to install a gas line or bring in and store propane tanks if you want a gas stove but there aren’t already lines in place.

2. Are You Shopping With a Very Limited Budget?

Make sure that your kitchen expectations line up with your budget, particularly because stove tops and ovens can vary so substantially in price from lower end to high end products.

Anyone who wants to keep costs low will likely want to consider ranges, which combine stove top and oven in one appliance. Ranges can be slide-in or drop-in, but both can be on the affordable end of the spectrum.

3. What Kind of Space Restrictions Are You Dealing With?

Think carefully about the size of your kitchen and its layout as you shop for a new oven or stove top. A general rule is to create a triangle between the stove, the fridge and the sink. If you have separate stove tops and ovens, make sure that doesn’t negatively impact the layout.

If you’re hoping to install a double wall oven, but your kitchen is very small, it might make sense to investigate smaller but still efficient choices for the room.

4. How Many People Are You Usually Cooking For?

Many homeowners buy kitchen appliances for the maximum number of people they cook for, but that isn’t always the best choice. You might host a Christmas dinner for 12 once a year, but the other 364 days could involve preparing simple meals for two people.

You might not truly need the double oven or the oversize cooktop with six burners if you typically cook for a smaller crowd.

5. Are You Likely to Use all the Extra Features?

Stove tops and ovens come with a wide array of features, just a few of which the average consumer actually uses. It can be easy to get carried about with these extras, but think carefully about whether you’ll actually need self-cleaning cycles, induction stoves, a bridge element for big pots and pans or a cook delay function.

Be sure to ask yourself each of these questions and think carefully about the answers, which can help you decide on the right stove top and oven to purchase for your kitchen.


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