Kitchen Sinks That Fit Your Style

Kitchen Sink in Cool KitchenThe kitchen sink was once the most basic fixture in the house, but it now comes in hundreds of styles. Choose clever features like deeper basins, offset bowls and more.

When you’re buying a sink, there’s no reason to settle for something standard anymore. Here are just a few of the great options you may want to consider.

Built-in Drain Boards

Do you wash dishes by hand every day? Do you like having a convenient place to rinse vegetables and fruit? Look for a sink with a built-in drain board that sits over the large sink basin.

The board can move from side to side and even life out completely. Small holes in it allow the water to run through, so you can rinse off vegetables right on the board.

Those same holes allow glasses and plates to dry quickly without leaving a watery mess on the counters.

Triple Basin

If you do a lot of work at the sink, then the triple basin could be the right choice for you. Two standard basins on each end are divided by a smaller one in the center.

Use them for more effective dish washing, or keep one open for rinsing off fruits and washing hands. The options are limitless, and the triple basin sink is sure to provide incredibly functional and versatile over the years.

The Galley Sink

Sinks aren’t just for washing dishes anymore. With the galley sink, you can cut vegetables on the sliding cutting board, drop them into a half-sheet on a lower tier and then rinse the peeler or knife and let it drain on the drain rack.

These sinks bring industrial function into your private kitchen. They are versatile and a joy to work with, and the sink is sure to become  the envy of your cooking and baking friends.

Bowed Apron

Apron sinks have grown in popularity because people appreciate how the exposed front of the sink adds texture and color to the space. You can now add more dimensional style with one that has a bowed front.

In addition to being visibly appealing, it also makes it easier to wash those large bowls and pots that have rounded edges.

Undermount Sinks

In the past, sinks had a lip surrounding them that sat over the counter. While top-mount sinks are still available and very popular, the trend is moving toward undermount sinks. These sinks have no upper lip and are attached below the counter.

They create a smooth surface along the counter by eliminating that lip, and you can find undermount sinks in all of your favorite styles, including apron sinks.

Whether you want deep basins for washing dishes or built-in drying racks, you can find the right sink design for your new kitchen. Sinks don?t have to feature simple designs.

You can choose rounded kitchen sinks, apron sinks and those with three basins. Whether you want the super functional galley sink or a simple stainless steel model, you can find the perfect sink to complete your beautiful new cooking space.

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