Kitchen Faucets with a Focus on Function

Beautiful Kitchen Sink and FaucetMention kitchen remodeling, and people are likely to think of everything but the kitchen sink, yet as the most used feature in the hard-working room, kitchen faucets and sinks deserve their share of attention. According to a leading faucet manufacturer, the average American household uses the kitchen faucet more than 40 times each day.

That kind of frequent use means that the first priority when purchasing a kitchen faucet is durability. A badly-designed, poorly-made faucet can lead to expensive plumbing repairs down the road.

Function-First Features

In the kitchen, faucet choices should drive be driven by function first. The spout style, body type and mounting option that you choose should make the tasks that you perform at the kitchen sink easier.

A single-handle lever faucet, for example, lets cooks operate the faucet with a push of an elbow, making it a good option for cooks accustomed to hands-on cooking. To prevent splashes and spills, you’ll need to consider the size and shape of the sink too.

All About Spout Styles

When it comes to choosing the best faucet for your kitchen, spout styles matter. As elegant and sexy as some style are, you still need to focus on function first. The high arc of a gooseneck spout is ideal for filling, washing and cleaning large pots and pans.

Spouts with a shepherd’s crook are a more stylized interpretation of the gooseneck spout. A straight spout style offers a long reach. An articulated spout gives you precise control over where the water lands.

Spray Head Solutions for Kitchen Sinks

Pull-out and pull-down sprayers offer a burst of water where you need it, but you’ll need to weigh that advantage against the disadvantage of requiring one hand to operate them. If your family has lots of dishes to clean each day, they can be a worthwhile option. Sprayers can be attached to the faucet itself or can be a separate fixture.

Pull-out sprayers usually extend up to 24 inches and come with switches that let you alternate between a strong spray of water and an aerated stream. Pull-down sprayers typically offer stronger pressure than pull-outs and are primarily used for cleaning dishes.

With either type, look for sturdy spray heads with solid construction as well as thoughtful features like rubber nozzles and metallic woven sprayer hoses.

High-Tech Options Offer Style and Functionality

Faucets with foot-pedal operation offer true hands-free style. Some models feature motion sensors for hands-free operation as well. Touch-activating faucets are one of the latest faucets trends.

If you’re considering running a plumbing line over to the stove to provide a water source while cooking, using one of these hands-free operating faucets is the safest option.

Faucets with purified water attachments are also available. Most systems attach to your plumbing system under the sink and deliver water through a separate faucet fixture. Some are incorporated into a conventional faucet. Some filtering systems even include separate purifying fixtures for both hot and cold water.

Natural stone countertops and custom cabinets may be that features that first come to mind when you think about kitchen remodeling, but the fixtures that you use the most require attention as well.

Whether you’re remodeling your entire kitchen are just looking for simple fixes that will add style and functionality to the room, new faucets can help ensure that everything in your kitchen looks great, including the kitchen sink.


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