New Shower Hardware For Your Bathroom Remodel

Modern Shower Head

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, you have many options. You may be upgrading the tile in the shower, the enclosure itself as well as the hardware. To make sure your bathroom is upgraded to the fullest, give some consideration to the shower hardware.

Various Types of Bathroom Hardware

When you’re looking for hardware, you need to think about all of the different options available. You will need handles for the water valves. Depending on the look you want as well as the control, you can get one unit that handles both hot and cold or a separate one for each. You will also need a shower head.

Technically, these are the only pieces of hardware that you actually need. However, as you are shopping, you may want to get some additional pieces to add to the functionality of your bathroom.

If you get them all at once, you ensure that everything matches perfectly as well. This means you may want to consider a soap shelf, a foot stool and various other things to make showering a little easier.

Shopping for a Shower Head

The shower head is going to be the most important feature of your shower. If you though choosing wall tile or an enclosure was difficult, be prepared for doing a lot of comparison shopping for your shower head. There are various sizes and controls that will make your showering experience more enjoyable.

Various rhythms and patterns can be chosen on the shower head. If multiple people use your shower, you may also want one that can be changed. This way one person can set it for a shower stream while someone else can choose for the water to pelt down upon them with significant impact.

You may also want to look for a shower head that can be removed from the top. The ones that are on a cord will allow you to shower kids and pets in the shower – as well as give yourself a massage.

Looking at the Materials of Shower Fixtures

The materials of the shower fixtures are ultimately going to be what will ensure the fixtures match the rest of your bathroom. Plastic and metal are the two most common materials. Metal, however can vary significantly.

You can choose from stainless steel, chrome, bronze and copper. Then you must decide if you want it polished, brushed or matte. Each one of these is going to provide a very different appearance. Try to match it with your tile as well as the fixtures that may be on cabinets and doors within the bathroom as well.

Buying Hardware for the Shower on a Budget

Hardware is sold for the shower in a number of different places. When you’re on a budget, you don’t want to spend a tone of money on hardware just because you didn’t know where to buy it. Once you have decided on the styles you’re looking for, you can do some comparison shopping.

If you don’t coordinate the hardware with your shower, you will ultimately be unhappy with your remodeling project. Focus on the right type of hardware, the shower head style and even the materials of the fixtures. From there, you will be able to shop appropriately to get the look you want at the cost you can afford.

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