Design A Shower That Pampers and Relaxes

Luxury Bathroom with Shower and TubBusy schedules and the constant accessibility to others have almost made peaceful solitary moments an elusive dream. For many, the time spent in the shower is about the only retreat they get from their hectic lifestyle.

That’s a very good reason to design your shower so that it is a relaxing retreat that provide the pampering you deserve.

Shower Shapes

The size of your bathroom may be an influential factor in determining how large your shower is and even what shape of shower you incorporate into the bathroom design.

Spacious bathrooms can accommodate any shape of shower.  Rectangular showers are generally the most popular.

A smaller bathroom may pose some challenges. A triangular corner shower is an attractive and compact design option.

If you feel adventurous, a quick online search of bathroom designs will reveal some unusual shower design options for small bathrooms.

Doors Or No Door

A frameless shower looks attractive in any size bathroom.  The fact that they provide an unobstructed view through the room makes them an ideal choice for a small bathroom.

A walk-in shower without a door is gaining popularity. Mirror doors are also an option that enhances the beauty of any bathroom.

Comfort Features For The Shower

A shower seat is almost an essential part of a shower. But, if pampering yourself is the goal, go beyond a simple little shower seat and add something spectacular like a contoured shower bench.

You can design your shower so that it offers the type of body spray or massaging spray you desire. Rain bars take your shower several notches up the luxury ladder. A rain shower head
with lights may be an option you find relaxing or romantic. You could design the shower in your master bath with “his” and “hers” shower heads so that both of you can enjoy personalized pampering at the end of a tiring day.

Incorporating several niches inside of the shower will provide some space for personal essentials.

Open Space In The Shower

It’s hard to feel relaxed if you’re standing in a small boxed in area with little light. Having sufficient lighting in the bathroom is essential in order to create a retreat that you are eager to enjoy each day.

Partial shower walls eliminate the closed in feeling that sometimes occurs when shower size is limited. A curved partial wall is visually soothing to the overall decor.

A skylight or decorative window can make a small shower area feel less confining.

Safety Features

Regardless of how luxurious your final design may be, there are some practical features that need to be addressed. The floor of the shower should be made of a slip resistant material or there should be a slip resistant mat inside of the shower.

Hand grips are not just for the elderly or physically challenged. They are a safety feature you should include in your shower.  You can find designs that look sophisticated and attractive in a wide range of finishes.

With a little planning and the willingness to make an investment in yourself, you can create a bathroom design that offers you the pampering you deserve. Your shower can become a haven from the chaos you deal with throughout the day.

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