Be Wary Of Trendy Design Ideas When Choosing Shower Tiles

Bathroom with Blue Tile

Choosing tiles and tile designs for your shower requires a bit more contemplation than some of the lesser expensive decor decisions. Keep in mind that changing the tile in your shower is a much more expensive project than changing the paint color on the walls.

If you choose a trendy material or an unusual tile design, that choice can make your bathroom appear outdated to future buyers. It might also be a choice that you get tired of more quickly than you would have imagined.

It’s best to make conservative and decoratively appropriate tile selections and use accessories to bring in the ever-changing trendy aspects of design.

Glass Shower Tiles

Glass tiles are a popular choice of material for use in a shower.  These tiles are durable and easy to clean. They do not absorb moisture which is a feature that makes them very appealing for use in a bathroom. Glass tile is also easy to install.

From a decorative point of view, glass tiles are an excellent choice for bathrooms because of their reflective quality.  Bathroom lighting simply dances off the beautiful glass tiles.

You can also extend your use of glass tiles beyond the shower to create a unified, stylish design. You can incorporate glass tiles into your counter top design or use it on the bathroom walls.

Quartz Tile

Quartz tile is virtually a maintenance-free material. Because it is resistant to bacteria and germs, it has been used in hospitals, restaurants and numerous other public places for quite some time. It has gained popularity as a durable, germ-free product for residential settings as well.

Quartz tile is available in a variety of colors. Having so many options enables you to create the specific atmosphere you desire in your bathroom. This is a product that can be an impressive feature should you decided to sell your home.

If you are designing a small bathroom, white quartz offers an alternative to using glass tiles as a way to create visual spaciousness.

Tile Designs

For future benefit, it is best to stay on the conservative side when creating a mosaic design in your shower. Using tiles in varying shades of neutral is a safe option. If you want to be more colorful with your design, try incorporating small colored tiles in among a larger number of more neutral or possibly white tiles.

Choosing Tile Colors

Colors that are typically associated with water are ideal if you are using glass tiles. Aquatic blues and greens are generally popular colors that allow you a great deal of freedom when accessorizing. Darker colored tiles add sophistication to the room. Neutral colored glass tiles provide an opportunity to frequently change the decor.

Although white quartz is a popular tile for a shower, there are numerous other options that enable you to create a stunning shower design. In addition to having a variety of neutral colors to select from, there are also some bright colors, deep rich colors and some elegant dark colored tiles available to help you create the design you desire.

Anytime you begin a remodeling project, it is a good idea to think about the impact it will have on your home if you decide to sell it. Trends come and go quite rapidly and an out-dated bathroom is an instant negative when potential buyers look at your home. Select your materials carefully to avoid regret in the future.


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