Seeking Out The Right Refrigerator For Your Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Refrigerator

Purchasing a refrigerator is probably the biggest investment that homeowners make in the appliance category. Some non-monetary factors to consider when shopping for a fridge include capacity, size, style and advanced features. Additionally, Energy Star appliances always give buyers extra incentives when it comes to saving money on utility bills.

Popular Refrigerator Styles

The two most common styles of modern refrigerator design include side by side and French door. A side by side refrigerator has two tall vertical doors that swing out. The freezer compartment is usually located on the left side and the refrigerator compartment is located on the right side.

The French door style includes two short vertical doors that swing out and open the refrigerator compartment. The freezer compartment is situated below the double French doors and it usually slides out.

Older and simple refrigerator designs include a freezer section that is located above or below the refrigerator compartment. Stainless steel, black and white are the most popular color finishes in modern refrigerators.

Selecting the Right Refrigerator Size

A large refrigerator has a capacity that is between 25 and 30 cubic feet and designed to serve at least 5 people. A fridge that has a volume of less than 20 cubic feet is considered small and designed to accommodate at most two people.

In general, the freezer compartment occupies about one third of the total volume in a refrigerator appliance. The width of a modern fridge is about 3 feet, and height variations are usually responsible for the different interior volume capacities.

It’s important to leave a proper clearance below, above, behind and on the side of the refrigerator to allow for proper release of the heat that comes from the evaporator coils.

Advanced Features of Modern Fridges

The interior of a modern refrigerator uses the latest technology to keep food and beverages fresh for the entire family. Multiple bins and drawers are tightly sealed to prevent the transfer of air and smells inside. Interior air filters circulate clean air to keep every thing inside fresh.

Dual cooling zones allow for different temperature regulations throughout the refrigerator. Glass shelves have special edges that prevent the leaking of spills onto other parts of the fridge.

Humidity controls allow for proper keeping of vegetables and fruit in isolated drawers. Of course, ice makers and water dispensers with filters deliver crisp taste for drinking.

Electronic monitors and controls allow users to keep a modern refrigerator in optimum settings. For example, a low power setting can be turned on at night when the fridge is not used frequently.

A reliable refrigerator requires minimum maintenance as it can run for years without changing any major parts. Professional installation is not essential for hooking up a large fridge in your kitchen. However, plumbers may be required to install or check a refrigerator that delivers water and makes ice.

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