Discover a Wide Range of Refrigerator Options

Modern Refrigerator There was a time when all refrigerators looked the same, but now they are as varied as any other appliance. Rather than the simple bottom refrigerator with top freezer, you can now buy units just for wine, apartment size options and massive commercial pieces.

Here are a few options and features you might want to consider for your home.


Are you tired of having a freezer that sticks out further than the counter? If you want a unit that blends with the kitchen and fits seamlessly, then consider counter-depth models. They still hold an incredible amount of food, but you won’t have to sidestep the unit when you walk by.

An ideal choice for smaller kitchens, it’s also a fine idea if you just want to camouflage the refrigerator a little better.

Beverage Coolers

Do you have a family that loves cold drinks’ If so, then you may be tired of losing valuable refrigerator space to bottles of water and soda. Pick up a beverage cooler for your new kitchen. These small appliances can sit on the counter, under the counter or even out in the garage. Put one in the workshop or add one to the guest room. They are small, affordable and incredibly convenient.

Wine Coolers

Some wines are served at room temperature, but others should be chilled. You don’t necessarily want your chardonnay to be freezing cold, but you do want it lightly chilled. With a wine cooler, you can keep all of your favorite wines at the perfect temperature. As with beverage coolers, these can be added to the kitchen by putting them on top of counters, tucking one under the counter or even having one built into the buffet out in your dining room.

Drawer Units

Dishwashers and microwaves and moving into drawers, and you can now keep your milk and eggs in a handy drawer. Designed to fit under the counter and blend seamlessly with the other cabinets, these units are a great choice when you want the refrigerator to disappear completely.

The Greatest Versatility

You know how valuable the deep freezer is for stocking up on meats and other goodies. However, did you know that you don’t have to buy a chest freezer’ Upright freezers aren’t quite as energy efficient, but they are much easier to work with. You can easily see what you have and reach what you are looking for.

In addition to buying an extra freezer, you can also buy a unit that doesn’t have a freezer at all. A simple refrigerator from top to bottom, it’s perfect for the family that goes through more food. Some families also choose to buy separate freezer and refrigerator units that sit side-by-side and provide them with the greatest level of storage.

When it’s time to remodel your kitchen, you don’t have to choose a simple refrigerator. There are specialized options available that will perfectly meet your needs. Whether you want extra space for drinks or need a larger freezer for meal planning, this is the best time to consider your needs and make the changes.


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