Tips for Shopping for Natural Stone Kitchen Tiles

Luxury Kitchen with Natural Stone

Natural stone kitchen tile is a luxurious addition to any kitchen. Laid on the floor, gracing a backsplash or covering a counter, it adds sophistication to the room and makes it more attractive. Here are a few things to consider when you are selecting the natural stone tiles for your particular project.

Bigger Tiles Mean Fewer Grout Lines

The smaller tiles look cool, but they also mean that you will have more grout lines to clean. Not only will larger tiles fill a large space beautifully, but they also feature less grout to scrub when the time comes.

Large tiles are not appropriate for smaller spaces, but they are a great choice if you have a large room and don’t want to spend all your time scrubbing grout.

Consider Adding Decorative Borders and Medallions

You don’t have to lay a solid field of plain tiles. You can add decorative borders to the outside edge of your floor, around the kitchen island or in a seam down one side. Medallions are an excellent choice for large, open areas.

Whether you choose something subdued or a bold and aggressive border, it’s a fun and interesting way to prevent any area from feeling neglected.

Mix Colors for Style and Interest

Most people head to the tile store and pick out a single color they love. However, you don’t have to settle for a solitary color that will grace your floor. Mix colors in the same shade family to create depth and warmth.

Use contrasting colors for a strong border, or just sprinkle a few different colors around to keep things interesting. This works better with smaller tiles, but it can also make a statement when done on a backsplash.

Consider Your Purpose

One of the great benefits of natural stone tiles is that you can use them indoors or outdoors. Before you head to the store to make a purchase, consider where your tiles will be installed.

Floor tiles should be textured slightly to prevent slips and falls. Tiles on a counter or backsplash can be polished and honed because you won’t be walking on them.

Shimmer and Shine

Whether you want a matte finish or a high polish shine, you can find the right look in natural stone. It’s a good idea to decide which one will look better before you head out to the store.

Even if you want a high polish on the walls or counters, it’s important to remember that high polished tiles are more slippery and should not be used in heavy traffic areas.

Look through magazines and peruse websites to find inspiration for your new kitchen tiles. Once you are inspired, you can usually find the perfect pieces at your local home improvement store.

Specialty items like borders and medallions may have to be ordered online, so you will want to order them ahead of time. Once you have an idea of what you like, you will be ready to head out to the store and purchase your new tiles.

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