Contemporary Use of Natural Stone Tiles

Natural Stone Floor in Bathroom

Some of the most beautiful tiles used for interior and exterior floors and walls are natural stone tiles. The irregular patterns and textures that form in rock are visible in the cut tile which adds to the interesting appearance and makes every application unique.

Various types of stone are used in tiles of different design styles and shapes for covering the walls and floors of residential as well as governmental and commercial structures.

Common Stones Used in Tile Making

Granite – With a texture that is coarse and rough, granite is an igneous or felsic rock. Granite is always at least 20 percent quartz. Depending on where and how the rock is formed, granite has a varying mix of other minerals and chemicals that give it a hue of pink to black with gray being the most common color.

Limestone – A sedimentary rock, limestone is usually composed of aragonite and calcite.

Marble – Marble is made of dolomite and calcite as well as serpentine that polish well for a shiny surface. Rock that is crystalline calcitic falls under the name of marble, and some non-calcitic rock are also marble. From different parts of the world, marble has different veins of color and shades of gray or even deep maroon to pink.

Sandstone – Sedimentary in makeup, sandstone is composed mainly of rock or mineral grains. The grains are often feldspar or quarts. The main colors range in warm colors of red to pink and yellow, but sandstone, flagstone and other related sandstone types can be almost any color.

Slate – Fine in grain, the metamorphic slate rock is made from sedimentary stone and clay or ash from volcanoes. Most of the time, slate is a charcoal gray hue.

Travertine – Travertine is a type of limestone made from hot mineral springs. Variations in the minerals during formation make interesting patterns in this stone.

Common Places for Using Natural Stone Tiles in the Home

Stone tiling is used for patios and outdoors as well as interior walls and flooring. Entrance floors are often inlaid with an appealing mosaic or design of different colored stone tiles. Bathrooms often have floor and wall tiles of stone, and popular kitchen floors are often stone tiles.

Selecting the Right Tile

Looking at finished tile projects helps in the decision of what to select for walls and floors in rooms indoors or outdoors.

Natural stone with a rough or slightly smoothed surface is used for outdoor projects and some indoor areas. Polished marble and granite are common indoors for floors and walls where no traction is needed on the surface.

Stone tiles made from natural rock formations in the earth have been used for thousands of years as a building material. The availability of beautiful natural stone to add elegance and style to your home is greater than ever before.


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