Pets and Living Room Furniture

Boxer on The Sofa If you have pets, it can be difficult to keep your furniture in good condition. Cats like to scratch furniture, and dogs’ nails dig into furniture when they jump on or off of the furniture. It is a good idea to choose living room furniture that is pet friendly.

Durable Furniture Material

If you have pets with claws, you should stay away from leather living room furniture sets. Leather does a good job of not attracting pet dander and fur, but cats and dogs easily damage leather with their nails. that is pet friendly.

A good furniture material that is pet friendly is microfiber. Microfiber does not attract a lot of dander or fur, and it is very easy to clean. Microfiber is also dense, so it is durable and holds up well to cats and dogs.

Pet Furniture

The best way to keep your pets off of your furniture is to give them their own furniture. Provide your pets with cat and dog beds, cat towers and dog houses. You will also want to have plenty of scratching posts around if you have cats, and keep your dogs’ nails clipped.

Your furniture may not stay perfect no matter what precautions you take, but following these tips will help you maintain it.

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