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Your living room furniture is probably the first thing people see when they walk into your house. You want it to look great. Choose pieces that are in balance with the room, suit your personal taste and can withstand the demands of your family.


Before heading to the store, consider the size you can purchase. Take measurements of the room with your, preferably on a floor plan drawn on graph paper. This will allow you to avoid the problem of buying pieces of furniture that are too large to fit comfortably.

If you are dealing with a small space, look for pieces that have straight legs and clean lines. If you need to fill a larger space, then overstuffed arms and flared legs are a great choice.


If you have an active family with clumsy kids, then you may not want expensive upholstery that is hard to clean. Microfiber is easy to clean, even if things are spilled. Leather is also a great choice, if you don’t mind treating it occasionally to keep it looking great. Prevent issues by establishing a no-food rule where the couch is concerned.

When you head out to the store for living room furniture, keep the size of your room in mind. The furniture should never make the room feel crowded or cavernous. If you have concerns about staining, look for fabric that will be easy to clean, and ask about having it treated to prevent stains.

These simple steps will help you choose a couch that you love, is easy to clean and looks great in the living room.  You can find a variety of furniture designs and styles to fit your home perfectly.

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