A Look at the Latest Popular Living Room Furniture Styles

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If you’re wondering what the latest trends are in living room furniture styles, look to fashion. Fashion and interior design have never been more tightly interwoven than now.

Whether it’s an accessory that sparkles like jewelry or pops of color that catch your eye like a brightly colored handbag, the influence of the fashion world is evident on the glossy pages of today’s leading home decorating magazines.

Contemporary Design with a Touch of Hollywood Glamour

The uncluttered, streamlined look of modern design suits the hectic pace of today’s busy lifestyles, but the pared-down style can sometimes feel a bit cold and bare. Just as a statement necklace livens up a demure outfit, adding a touch of Hollywood glamor to a contemporary living room can imbue the space with a feeling of vitality and richness.

Known as the Modern Glamor decorative style, this artful combination of modern sensibilities and movie-star allure is becoming one of the most popular living room furniture styles today.

From a sleek sofa fitted out with deeply textured pillows to a modern coffee table with a faux gold finish, the modern-glam style lets you add notes of luxury to your living room without overpowering your contemporary home.

Transitioning to a Fresh New Look

The transitional decorative style is also a mix of two different styles: traditional and contemporary. This blend of styles is ideal when you want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your living room but still want the room to feel fresh and modern.

Examples of the transitional style include traditional sofas upholstered in natural fabrics and hardwood coffee tables with simple yet sophisticated lines. The color palette is typically neutral, which puts the focus on the subtle forms and textured fabrics that are characteristic of the decorative style.

Bold and Bright Pops of Color

Whether in fashion or in interior design, including pops of colors to add visual interest to the look isn’t exactly new. The latest color trend in living room design is to assign the burst of bright color to an important piece of furniture like an easy chair instead of the odd sofa pillow or ottoman.

Primary color pops are out; neon pastels are now in vogue. To make the look work, set a chair or sofa upholstered in pink, orange or green against a neutral-color background like white, beige or gray.

Menswear Living Room Fashions

A classic men’s suit has a timeless quality that conveys good taste and sophistication. Perhaps that’s why menswear-inspired décor is quickly becoming one of the most popular living room furniture styles.

Shirt-striped, tweed and houndstooth plaid fabrics look as smart and urbane on a sofa as they do on a well-dressed businessman.

The latest fashions in interior design offer in-the-moment looks that feel chic and fresh, but to ensure long-term satisfaction, avoid choosing a style simply because it’s trending.

View design trends as an opportunity to expand your options, and you’re sure to find a style that will please you for many seasons to come.


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