5 Rules For Buying Furniture

Buying Home Furniture

Whether you happen to be updating your living room or furnishing a newly constructed home, the process of buying furnishings can be a long and sometimes challenging process. However, it can be made easier with a few key tips. These rules, or guidelines, can help you make the right decision when it comes to decorating, updating or remodeling all the various rooms in your home.

1. Shop With a Budget

This first rule might be obvious to some shoppers, but it is so important that it deserves a top spot on the list. One of the worst things you can do is head out to look at furnishings without having a specific budget in place. You might be tempted to overspend on an upscale sofa, which only leaves you without enough cash for a matching chair. Writing down a simple budget before shopping can help you stay within a realistic price range and prevent you from having any regret about your purchases after the fact.

2. Keep an Eye Out For Nails and Glue

This might sound strange, but it can go a long way in helping you select durable, high-quality furnishings for your home. Joints and ends that are held together by glue or even nails, rather than wood, are often less durable. Since you should always be purchasing items that can last for years and even decades to come, searching a little longer for well-made pieces is definitely worth the time.

3. Stick With Neutral Colors For Big Pieces

There is absolutely nothing wrong with investing in some bold, colorful furnishings for your home. However, it may be best to stick with neutral colors for the more expensive purchases. That orange sofa might look amazing in your living room right now, but a redecoration in a few years could leave you scratching your head. A neutral couch with some bold orange cushions might be a smart investment that you can keep using in various decor themes and styles for years to come in the future.

4. Be Realistic About Your Lifestyle

It is incredibly important to be realistic when picking out new furnishings for your home. If you have three children under the age of five as well as a puppy, then the white couch is probably not a good choice. In this same direction, think about buying couch or chair cushions that can be removed and washed in order to expand the life of your purchase.

5. Open Drawers and Test Cushions

Finally, don’t be afraid to get hands-on when looking at potential furniture purchases. Drawers and doors, for example, are sometimes just veneers that don’t pull out or swing open. Pick up a cushion and feel how it reshapes, and take a seat on that chair before spending money on it. A few minutes of physical testing can help prevent you from making a mistake.

These tips can guide any homeowner during the purchasing process, and the result will be furnishings that are perfectly suited to the home, its style and your budget.

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