Interior Lighting: Layered, Lively, and Lovely

Home Interior LightingThe currently trendy interior lighting designs certainly do have something for everyone. As always, it’s the lighting in the room that sets the mood and increases the functionality of space. Far beyond that, lighting is now an artistic feature of the room.

It’s time to have fun with your lighting choices. Wake up a dull space, surprise a mundane decor or have everyone gaze in amazement at your ceiling light fixture.

Layered Lighting

Every room in your home can function more effectively and look more attractive if you include a variety of lighting options in the room. In most situations you need a lighting source that provides overall illumination in the room. A second layer of lighting would involve what is typically referred to as task lighting. This type of lighting is especially helpful in a kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Some design experts suggest two other forms of lighting in order to complete the layered look. Focal lighting can be used in rooms where you have something you want to highlight. For example, you could add focal lighting over a piece of wall art to drawn attention to it. Focal lighting is also a great way to accentuate architectural details in a room such as a wall nook.

The remaining layer of light is the decorative lighting you include in a room. This is an area where your decorating style greatly impacts your choices.


Now is the time to let your wild side choose your lighting. Big, bold, colorful chandeliers are very popular right now. Take some time to explore the magnificent designs available.

Lighting made of hand-blown glass in abstract designs and vibrant colors is rapidly gaining popularity, especially as ceiling mount lighting.

Long Ago

You have two basic options when it comes to vintage or antique lighting. You can buy attractive reproductions or you can search through antique stores, check estate sales or browse flea markets and thrift stores for authentic vintage lighting. There’s something extra special about including authentic antique lighting in a room.

Exposed bulbs, a design from the past, is a popular lighting trend. If an exposed bulb is a little too stark for you, minimalistic pendant lights are a possible alternative.


The lighting options you select can actually be viewed as a form of art for the room. Wall sconce lighting, chandeliers and lamp bases and globes have an influence on the overall room design. Be careful that you don’t mix up too many lighting styles and options. Impressive lighting can be everything from a large chandelier to a small, amazingly detailed lamp.

Enjoy the trend toward vibrant, colorful, spectacular lighting options. Just the lighting in a room can give it a “wow” factor far beyond what you could create with decorative accessories. Keep in mind that some rooms, especially bedrooms and a portion of the living room, need a less flamboyant lighting source for mood setting benefits.

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