Kitchen Remodeling Within Your Budget

Modern kitchen and dining area

Although kitchens are usually the most expensive room in a home to renovate, you can make big changes to your kitchen even if you have a small budget. These kitchen remodeling ideas will help you upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Replace Your Countertops

If your countertops are clearly from several decades ago, it is probably worth the money to replace them. However, you don’t have to opt for expensive materials. Many laminate products are attractive and can be found at less than $1 per square foot. If you have a small space to cover, you may be able to find a remnant in a natural stone, such as granite or marble, at a low reduced price.

Change Your Faucet

If you can’t afford a new sink, provide an update to the sink by switching out the old sink head and handles. Opt for a chrome or nickel option for an updated look.

Add a Kitchen Island

Many kitchens sorely lack preparation space, but many homeowners are unable to afford a new stationary island complete with a granite surface. If you are limited on your existing counter space and you don’t want to splurge on new countertops, adding an island can help you increase your preparation space at a fraction of the cost.

Select an affordable option, such as a small island that is set on wheels so that you can move it in and out of the space according to your needs. You can also opt for a cheaper surface material, such as butcher block.

Change Your Cabinets

If new cabinets are not in the budget, don’t despair. You can change the look of your cabinets by painting them. Change the outdated look of oak cabinets with a darker and richer color, such as rust or black. You can also paint the cabinets white for a fresh look.

Staining the cabinets is another option if they are made from natural wood. New door handles or knobs can also make a dramatic impact for a low price. You can also change out just the doors instead of the entire cabinet.

Replace Your Appliances

Although you may not be able to afford an entire set of new appliances, you may be able to splurge on one item that you need the most. You can also check the scratch and dent section of your local appliance store or find a restaurant that is going out of business to score commercial grade appliances on a budget.

Change the Walls

A splash of paint can make a world of difference in a kitchen. Wallpaper may be used in areas that are not next to water or steam. Beadboard provides a charming cottage feel to the space.

Add a Backsplash

A backsplash can instantly change the look of one wall on the kitchen. This project can usually be completed at an affordable cost. You can use tile, mosaic tile, aluminum sheeting, tin tiles or a variety of other materials to create an attractive and finished look for the space.

Add Architectural Details

Pick up some discounted crown molding or other types of molding to add a unique addition to the space. Add crown molding to the top of your walls or cabinetry. Molding can also be added to the walls, baseboards and the bottom of your cabinetry.

Remodeling a kitchen can help you increase the efficiency and appearance of the space. You don’t have to spend $10,000 or $20,000 to accomplish this goal either. Looking for great deals and adding creative touches to the space can help set your kitchen apart from other kitchens on the block.

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