Enhance the Appearance and Function of Your Kitchen


Remodeling a kitchen is a popular DIY home improvement project. It can make your kitchen the focal point of family gatherings and make your home more enjoyable. A remodeling project also enables you to improve the function and appearance of your kitchen.

You can transform your kitchen without spending thousands of dollars on high-end appliances or installing new cabinets.

Determine What You Want to Accomplish

After you establish your budget, evaluate your kitchen’s appearance and functionality. Create a list of your top priorities. Beside each item, briefly describe the problem.

Create a third column that explains how you plan to address the issue. There may be more than one way to accomplish your kitchen remodeling goals.

The next step is to identify tasks that you can perform and those that require professional assistance. The list will serve as a synopsis of your overall project. You can update the list as you complete various tasks.

DIY Versus Hiring a Contractor

Homeowners can save money by performing some of the smaller jobs themselves. You can accomplish more with your budget by hiring a professional contractor for technical or labor-intensive projects, such as moving electrical wiring or plumbing.

Most homeowners own the basic tools required for DIY home remodeling projects, such as screwdrivers, hammers, pry bars, tape measures and reversible drills. You can complete many of the jobs over the course of a weekend. The instructions that accompany the supplies and materials are usually easy to follow.

However, if you are not handy at all and have no experience in home improvement, you can always go with a professional for safety’s sake as well as saving time. The money you spend on a professional will be well worth it in the long run.

Think Small

Minor changes can dramatically enhance the function and appearance of your kitchen. A new faucet is an inexpensive way to update your sink. Popular styles include pot fillers and models that feature pullout or pull-down spray arms.

These faucets make it easier to obtain water for cooking and cleaning. Another popular option is a faucet that dispenses filtered or hot water instantaneously. Some faucets are equipped with units that dispense soap.

Another inexpensive option is to install a built-in microwave. If you mount the microwave over your stove, you can improve your workflow and reduce the clutter on your countertops.

Instead of installing new cabinets, consider purchasing a rollaway island that is equipped with shelves or drawers. In addition to the additional storage space, the island will provide another work surface. The wheels enable you to move the island to a closet when it is not in use.

You can also save money by repainting or re-staining your cabinets if the boxes are in good condition. Replacing your outdated drawer pulls and hinges can harmonize the look of your new kitchen décor.

Change Your Kitchen Decorations

You can infuse your personality into your kitchen décor with paint, wallpaper, fabrics and color patterns. Your selections should complement your current window treatments, seat cushions and table linens unless you plan to replace these items.

A fresh coat of paint always makes a room seem brighter. You can use colors that make your kitchen appear larger or more intimate.

Update your light fixtures to reflect the new look and make the room more functional. Popular choices include chandeliers, pendants and recessed lights. Task lighting beneath your cabinets provides illumination for work on the countertops and eliminates shadows. Adding dimmer switches enables you to control the precise level of light in the room.

You can enhance the appearance and function of your kitchen regardless of your budget. By performing some of the smaller tasks, you will have more money to reface your cabinets or install new flooring and countertops if necessary. Remember to establish your priorities, and to be creative.

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