The Pros And Cons Of Adding A Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island in Luxury Home


One of the most popular requests for a kitchen remodel is to include an island within the space. The biggest reason that many individuals want to include an island in the kitchen is simply because it looks great.

In a larger kitchen space, an island will fit in nicely and help to create a more luxurious feel to the room.

Unfortunately, there are also some drawbacks to keep in mind.

Anyone who is interested in installing a kitchen island in their home should read on to learn more about both the pros and cons of having a kitchen island in the home.

Pros of Having a Kitchen Island

Additional Storage Possibilities

The biggest advantage for many people is having additional storage space. An island can be made up of cabinets, allowing you to almost double the storage capability of your kitchen.

Many homeowners choose to use this additional storage as a place to keep items specifically for entertaining. This might include wine glasses, fine porcelain dishes or even bottles of wine or liquor.

Extra Counter Space

Anyone who cooks frequently knows that you can never have too much counter space. Even in large and spacious kitchens, it is the size of the counters that dictates how much you can do and how much you can spread out while cooking.

If you want to take on new culinary challenges, invite your children to help you in the kitchen or just have more room, then a kitchen island can be an additional surface to work on. You might even choose to include a stove or a sink on the island for more cooking space.

To Make the Kitchen a Social Location

Ideally, your kitchen island will turn a cooking area into an entertaining area. With just a small countertop that is used for cooking, guests won’t want to spend time in the kitchen for fear of intruding or getting in the way.

With an island, however, you can set out glasses or appetizers and have guests entertain you, chat and even help out while you prepare dinner. This makes entertaining more enjoyable for the hosts, and it will help you to get more use out of your kitchen.

Cons of Having a Kitchen Island

Additional Expenses

Perhaps the number one reason that people choose not to invest in a kitchen island is simply because of the expense. With additional counters, cabinets and seating, it should come as no surprise that some kitchen islands can be several thousand dollars.

If you are really interested in a kitchen island, however, you might be able to afford a mobile island for a significantly lower price.

Takes up Premium Floor Space

Unless your kitchen is particularly large, fitting in a kitchen island can be a challenge. Islands are typically located right in the center of the kitchen, meaning that the surrounding walking space is limited.

In a small kitchen, an island may not even be a viable option. If you decide to purchase a kitchen island,  be sure that you can still open all the doors of appliances and cabinets before the island is installed.

Difficult to Install

Installing a kitchen island is not a simple task. Typically, professional installation is required, and in some cases it can take several days or even weeks to complete.

If you are in a hurry to have your kitchen island installed, opt for one that is ready built and merely needs to be put in place and attached to the floor.

Although there are certainly both pros and cons to having a kitchen island, their storage capabilities and additional preparation space make them a popular choice in many homes.

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