Kitchen Islands Add Organization and Style

Elegant Blue Kitchen Island

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, and, unfortunately, many homes were not built for modern appliances and electronics.  Creating a kitchen island is a great way to organize and create more room and storage in your kitchen.

Homeowners have a range of choices, and professional contractors can ensure a quality job that proceeds on a timely basis.

New cabinets, ranges and dishwashers can all be installed in an island,which adds a ton of functionality to any kitchen.

Design Ideas

Several shapes are available for islands, and U, G and L-shapes are some of the most common.  The area should match the overall size of a kitchen, and the workflow should also be considered.  In large kitchens, it is essential to leave enough space for clearance on all sides of the island.

Installing the cabinets at different heights is another contemporary idea.  Contemporary breakfast bars are usually a level higher and can include seating areas.

Appliance installation is optional, but most design ideas include a stove and range top inside the island.  This allows plenty of room for cooking, and storing pots and pans overhead optimizes efficiency while cooking.

Cabinet Materials

Finished surfaces can be covered with a number of materials, and using natural wood for cabinet faces is one idea.  Wood lends a rustic look to the kitchen and adds to the earth element.

Custom cabinets can also be built to fit any home. These are an ideal way to personalize a kitchen and create an area that is designed to meet individual cooking styles.

Stock cabinets are another option and are an affordable choice for islands.  Because a few standard sizes are available, manufacturers have a chance to optimize their processes.  They can produce cabinets for less and pass this savings on to consumers.


Countertops are another part of the island, and there are several choices for this as well.  Corian, granite and natural stone are great choices and offer a number of benefits.  These materials have a dense chemical makeup, and this prevents germs and bacteria from getting inside the surface.

Corian is an artificial material that comes in a range of colors and sizes.  It can be customized to fit any particular island, and professional installation is available.

Granite is another great choice for a countertop.  The color choices are variable, and the best thing about granite is that no two pieces are alike.  The material is derived from a mined mineral, and different chemical compositions lend color to the finished surface.

Granite has been a mainstay of the construction industry for centuries and is one of the most common countertop surfaces.

Stainless steel is a great option for cabinets and countertops.  The material is easy to keep clean and has a modern ambiance to it.  Steel countertops are ultra-efficient and resist all types of bacteria and germs.

Professional installation is available, and custom or stock products can be used to create a unique island.  Stainless steel appliances are also readily available, and they add to the style of an island that is finished with the material.

Remodeling a kitchen is a great way to rejuvenate a home.  Any project adds value to a property and is a viable method to make homes more appealing.  Homeowners have a variety of choices for a home improvement project, and adding a kitchen island is one way to make kitchens more functional.

Materials come in a range of styles and colors, and there is something that can fit in with any home’s décor.  Stone, metal and wood can be used alone or in conjunction to create a custom island.

Whatever your style and budget, you can always include an island in your home remodeling plans as long as you  have the space for it.

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