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Modern Kitchen CabinetsWhen you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, it stands to reason that you will take a look at your existing cabinets and decide whether you can replace them with new ones.

Your kitchen cabinets are a major focus in your kitchen and play a major role in creating the atmosphere you want to convey in your new kitchen design.

On the average, about 70% of your new kitchen remodeling budget should be targeted for new kitchen cabinets. Therefore, a well-informed decision is in order for the smart homeowner.

How do you know which cabinets are right for your kitchen?

An amazing array of different door styles, wood, finishes, sizes and hardware options is available for you to scrutinize. It’s possible that the wide selection might seem overpowering when you first begin your search.

With a little consideration, you can choose wisely and find the kitchen cabinets that will not only provide the stunning look you want when everyone enters your kitchen, but give you the functionality and efficiency you also need for your cooking and entertaining pleasure.

Think about these things when starting your search for new kitchen cabinets:

Consider who spends the most time in the kitchen and make sure that person has some input into the kitchen cabinet selection.

Not only is it important that your new kitchen cabinets look good and coordinate with your new design, but you also need to make the most of your space and make sure this fits the needs of the primary cook of the home.

Expert Advice Might be in Order

Since you’re about to spend a big chunk of your remodeling budget when you purchase kitchen cabinets, you want to make the best decision possible.

If you feel you need some professional guidance before earmarking more than half your budget for kitchen cabinets, don’t be too proud to ask for good advice. Architects and kitchen designers will be glad to help you decide what’s best for your situation.

New Kitchen Cabinets on a Slim Budget

If you’re working with a limited budget, you can still end up with a great new look in your kitchen. There are always options, so don’t get discouraged!

You can purchase mass-produced kitchen cabinets instead of going with the more expensive custom-designed cabinetry. And although your choices may not be as varied as with the custom designs, you can find great values and still have an eye-catching design with cabinets that will also provide the efficiency you need.

Be sure to measure your room and your areas for cabinets carefully so you can find the best looking cabinets that will look natural in their designated spaces. You can also incorporate shelves and simple-to-make corner shelves if these will work easily into your plan.

Choosing less expensive kitchen cabinets might allow you more flexibility elsewhere in your kitchen remodeling project for new appliances, hardware, or fixtures.

Take all of your upgrades into consideration before making your final choices.

Determine the Amount of Space You Have – Some kitchens have rather normal spaces, but some kitchens (especially small ones) often have unique little spaces that aren’t the norm.

If your kitchen is one of these, try to spend the extra money it takes for custom cabinets so they will look like they were made for the space. Kitchen cabinets that look out of place will not do much to improve the appearance of your kitchen.

Choose Quality Finishes if Possible – There are all kinds of beautiful wood finishes available such as maple, oak, or cherry and they are easy to spot when you walk into a kitchen with these fine finishes. You’ll recognize these finely crafted kitchen cabinets by the grain and quality appearance from one piece to another.

Explore the Durability and Warranty – If your interest and budget call for less expensive, easy to clean surfaces, consider thermofoil or laminate kitchen cabinets. Check out the warranty when buying thermofoil or laminate kitchen cabinets since these won’t last as long as wood cabinets – know what you’re getting.

Consider the Appearance and Functionality– Naturally, style and appearance are important factors in selecting kitchen cabinets, but you should also make sure your cabinets will provide the best functionality possible in your kitchen.

Your kitchen cabinets must endure a lot of use from you and your family members.

Dimensions and Cabinet Construction– The type of construction used on your cabinets will certainly impact the durability. Drawers with dovetailed joints are sturdier than stapled ones. Doors with fitted mortised corners are stronger than non-interlocking butt joints.

Make sure kitchen drawers extend completely and are equipped with self-closing glides rated to hold 75 pounds. The best cabinet doors should have 3/4-inch thick face frames and 1/2- to 3/4-inch thick sides. Shelves should be 3/4-inch thick and made of veneer-covered plywood, which is less likely to warp than solid wood.

Can’t afford new kitchen cabinets? Here’s an alternative:

If your kitchen remodeling budget just won’t allow for new kitchen cabinets, there are other options that can provide a fresh new look in your kitchen. A great option for a striking, chic new look for old cabinets is refinishing. Also, you might consider refacing just the door and drawer fronts to save even more.

Another alternative to new kitchen cabinets is to buy a less expensive wood and stain it to resemble your favorite wood color. If you don’t have the budget for cherry wood, buy pine and use a cherry finish to create the look you want. There are many options available – just be creative!

Regardless of your circumstances, you can have beautiful kitchen cabinets that fit well into your new kitchen design. Just remember that your cabinets make a bold statement in your design, so don’t settle for less than you have to – consider these two helpful hints:

  • Make the best choice you can make – your kitchen cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen
  • Be sure you will have the storage space and functionality you need

The right kitchen cabinets give your kitchen the appealing atmosphere you’ve been looking for. They’ll help to make things more convenient while adding to the ambiance of the kitchen to keep it the favorite room in your home – a place where all who enter like to visit and get together for food and fun.

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