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There are many hardwood flooring styles to choose from on the market, and they don’t all involve neat rows of planks marching in the same direction. From reclaimed wood with its own tale of history to cool patterns, there are countless options. Here are a few for you to consider when you’re ready for a change in your home.

A Historic Tale to Tell

Reclaimed wood flooring is taken from one building and put into another. It might come from a turn of the century home, a warehouse or even a pub that once served as a stop on the underground railroad.

These floors aren’t perfect. They come with their share of nicks, dings, dents and scratches, but that’s part of their appeal. They have a story to tell, and you will never grow tired of sharing those stories with your friends. Ideal for rustic and even traditional decors, they are the ultimate choice when you want an environmentally friendly floor.

The Eco-Conscious Floor

Another type of reclaimed wood comes from the walls of old structures and goes through a different process. Salvaged from barns and dilapidated buildings, some reclaimed lumber is milled again to create tongue and groove flooring planks. It’s eco-friendly, and you won’t have to wait for your wood to take on that aged patina that can only occur with time. The floors are generally free of other defects, so you can enjoy a fresh look and a smooth floor.

Bamboo is another great option if you are worried about the environment. A fast growing reed, it replenishes quickly and lasts a long time in your home. If you are sold on exotic lumber selections but want to be environmentally conscious, then look at engineered flooring.

Manufacturers use only a veneer on the top part of each plank, so you can get the look you love with minimum impact on the environment.

Borders, Herringbones and Other Patterns

Most wood floors march across the floor in one direction with neat rows. However, professional installers take pride in doing much more. They can create amazing herringbone patterns that will delight you and add style to the room.

Borders around any space add an elegant touch, or you can let them create a stunning rectangular pattern that recedes to the middle of the floor with a tiny starting square. The installation costs for any of these will be higher, and you may have to search for an installer with the right skills. However, you can bet that no one else on the block will have a stunning floor like yours.

Incredible Medallion Centerpieces

If you have a large open area, consider installing a medallion in the center of your floor. Radiating out from a central circle and flanked on all sides by the traditional neat rows, the medallion will be a beautiful focal point.

Whether you want to alternate colors with different wood species or have a little piece of history in your home, you can accomplish your goals with beautiful wood floors.  If you’re trying to save the environment with smart choices or just add some interest to a large open space, wood floors are a wonderful choice.

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