5 Selection Tips When Choosing a Dishwasher

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Dishwashers are a modern convenience most of us don’t want to live without, and most new kitchens have space for them. However, choosing one isn’t as simple as you might initially think.

The fact is that there are countless options to consider, so you want to take your time with this decision. Here are a few features you may want to look for on your next dishwasher.

Where is the Vent?

Most dishwashers have a vent along the front for steam. A few have this vent along the top of the door. While this is no problem if you have granite or stone counters, it poses a problem if you are installing laminate counters.

When looking at dishwashers, check the vent location and make sure it will work with your counters.

Size Matters

Do you have a small kitchen? Tiny kitchens call for smaller appliances that fit the scale of the space. A compact machine measuring out at 18-inches is perfect for two to three people and will fit nicely in a small kitchen.

If you have a larger space, then you can opt for standard 24-inch machines that can handle up to 14 place settings.

Hidden, Portable or Traditional

If you are craving a hidden dishwasher, then look for drawer models. They blend nicely with cabinets and won’t stand out like traditional models.

If you only use the machine occasionally for large loads and want to keep cabinet space, then a portable one may be the right choice.

It will still have to be stored somewhere, but you can tuck it into a closet or corner when it’s not in use and just pull it out when you actually need it.

Look at the Racks

All dishwashers have top and bottom racks that slide in and out, but some of them go even further. The most versatile models feature top racks that actually raise and lower, so you can adjust how much space is available on the top and bottom.

These are particularly functional and a great choice for families who may wash larger dishes on the bottom one week and then need more space on the top for wine glasses the next week.

Food Disposal

Some washers come with built-in food disposals, and this is a must-have if you cannot stand scraping or rinsing plates before they are washed. They grind up food residue and wash it out of the unit.

Others have filters in the bottom that have to be cleaned regularly to prevent food from landing back on your dishes.

When you go out shopping for the new appliances, take the time to look at various features. Ask yourself how well it works to have the silverware rack attached to the door, or if you prefer to lose a little space and have a silverware rack you can remove.

There are countless options, so you can personalize this appliance to suit your kitchen and your needs. With a little thought and attention, you can find the perfect dishwasher for your home.


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