7 Nontraditional Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Dining Room

If you close your eyes and picture a traditional dining room, what comes to mind is probably a large rectangular table, carved wooden chairs, a sideboard or a server and a big chandelier hanging above it all. While this classic and formal look can certainly be a wonderful choice in some homes, it may not be right for you. If you want to go with nontraditional dining room furniture or an unexpected layout, then these seven ideas can help you create the perfect space in your home.

1. Varied Seating

Instead of buying six or eight matching chairs, spice things up by choosing a variety of seating options. On either end of the table, consider a large armchair. Intentionally mismatching chairs can be a bold way to shake up the traditional idea of a dining table.

2. Add Interest With Floor-to-Ceiling Bookshelves

If you’re a literary enthusiast, don’t hide your books where guests can’t see them. Instead, show them off by installing floor-to-ceiling bookshelves on one or more walls of the dining room. If you really want to make a statement, consider having cushions for each chair that feature a different novel you love.

3. Try a Japanese Style Low Table

In Japan, a dining table is still the place where family and friends gather to enjoy a meal. However, instead of sitting on traditional chairs a few feet above the ground, diners sit on cushions or legless chairs at a low table.

If you have a unique space that gets a lot of natural light, turn it into a truly stunning space with low Japanese table that is just 18 to 24 inches off the ground.

4. Pick a Stunning Focal Point

Break away from ordinary by choosing a nontraditional focal point for your dining room. This could be an overly large and modern chandelier hanging from the ceiling, or it could be a huge modern art mural on one side of the space. You can even arrange the furniture to one side of the room to really showcase your focal point.

5. Add in a Fireplace

Instead of sitting around the table for dinner and then retiring to the cozy warmth of the living room, add a fireplace right in your dining room. In colder climates, this can be an amazing opportunity to create a more comfortable and inviting room.

6. Combine Kitchen and Dining Room

In a larger, open-plan home, bring the dining table right to the kitchen. On one side of a traditional island, add in seating that faces away from the island, and then add a table and seating on the other side. Somewhere between a nook and an eat-in kitchen, this is a wonderful family dining option that will really surprise guests.

7. Go Bold With Colors

Dining room tables and chairs often come in a limited palette of browns, whites and black. However, you are only limited by your own imagination. Consider bright red chairs or a server that you paint in a deep green for a nontraditional and even whimsical approach to dining room decor.

Creating a great dining room doesn’t have to mean following a traditional layout. These unique furniture and decor ideas can help you to make an unexpected and impressive dining room.


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