Easy Tips for Getting Organized

Home Organization TipsIs the time right to finally take control of your house? Getting organized starts with eliminating items in the home you no longer love, need or use.

With the clutter eliminated, you are ready to add clever and attractive organizational elements to the home. Make this the year that you finally reclaim messy closets, take control of paperwork and get the entire house organized from top to bottom.

Love, Use, Need it or Lose It

The criteria for keeping items or discarding them is very simple. If you have not needed it or looked for it in more than a year, you should donate it. If you do not love it or use it, then you should let it go. Duplicate items should also be eliminated to make organizing what is left in the home easier. Donate items for the tax write-off, or sell them on sites like eBay to fund your organizational efforts throughout the house. Skipping this step will sabotage your efforts to get organized because you will not have specific places for everything in your home.

Stacking Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are such a fantastic hallmark of modern living. Available in countless sizes, you can use them for everything from first aid kits to extra bedding. Use plastic bins in the garage to organize tiny screws and put all of your screwdrivers in one area. Put them in the hall closet to organize your first aid supplies, keep medications contained and make little plug-in air fresheners easy to find. It will be easy to find what you need, and the closet will look incredible when you open it. Put out-of-season clothes and bedding in bins and then stack them in the basement to keep them safe until next year.

Pretty Baskets

There are some things that need to stay within easy reach. Mail that is stacked on the kitchen counter instantly looks more acceptable when tucked into an attractive basket. If the children are always wanting snacks, then you may be struggling with the large boxes. Empty the boxes of snacks into a basket that sits on top of the refrigerator. You will know where everything is, but you won’t have to look at any unattractive boxes or stacks of paper.

Go Electronic

One of the biggest challenges for any house is the incredible flow of paper that comes in. Simplify your life by investing in electronic information whenever possible. If your creditors and utility companies offer electronic billing, take them up on the offer. The information is easily stored on your computer for fast retrieval, and the stacks of paperwork are eliminated.

The Beauty of Dressers

Kids usually have a collection of toys that grows into sports equipment and electronics. Plastic bins stacked in bedrooms aren’t attractive, and the bulky toys can break them. Large toy bins are difficult to find things in, but you still want to corral all the accessories. Use dressers to store toys and stash extra electronics. The dressers are extremely durable, and kids can organize their toys and still find what they want later. When the dressers are no longer required for storage, you can sell them and recoup some of your investment.

Don’t try to organize the entire home in one session. This is nearly impossible and sure to leave you frustrated. You will wind up with bins that are never filled, shelves that are never assembled and grand plans that leave you feeling guilty.

Choose one area, organize that space and then move on to the next one. As your home becomes organized, you will find that organizing the areas becomes easier.


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