Types of Countertops and How To Keep Them Looking Beautiful

Counter TopsWhen you renovate your kitchen, the countertops may prove to be one of your largest expenses. Even Formica counters can be costly, so you want to protect your investment. While you may have chosen the luxurious look of granite, even this durable stone will benefit from these protective steps.

Don’t take chances with your kitchen countertops, use these easy steps to keep them safe.

Always Use Cutting Boards

Invest in cutting boards and stash them everywhere. Put a glass board with little rubber feet on your counters in the areas where people are most like to use knives. Even if someone forgets to grab a cutting board, your counters will still be protected.

Keep a cutting board near the stove for easy access when you need it.

Keep Trivets Handy

The beauty of a glass cutting board is that it doubles as a trivet to protect your counter from heat. However, you should also have extra trivets on hand in case the glass cutting boards are full.

Trivets are recommended with all types of countertops because a little extra caution never caused any damage.

No Standing Allowed

Counters are not for standing or sitting. Even strong and durable granite can crack under the pressure of having children or adults sitting on it. Invest in a stepstool and keep it in a convenient spot for those times when you need a little extra height.

Butcher Block Considerations

Butcher block is easy to care for because you can wash it with plain soap and mild water. However, you should never cut directly on the butcher block to avoid unsightly nicks. Once a month, clean your counters with specially formulated cleaners what will nourish and condition the wood to keep it in excellent condition.

Quartz and Engineered Stone

These counters can quickly lose their color if bleach is used on them or you set down a cloth with oven cleaner on it. Keep harsh chemicals of all kinds away from these counters. Be careful to avoid dropping items on the counters so they will not chip.

Granite Care

Granite can stain from grape juice, some cooking oils and tomato-based items, so clean the counters quickly if you spill these items on them. Seal the granite annually to prevent stains and protect the beautiful finish. Although people say granite can take the heat, extreme temperatures can cause fissures in the stone, so protect it by using trivets.


Laminate counters do not require any special care, but they can be damaged easily by hot items, dropping heavy items or cutting on them. Protect your laminate and solid surface counters by following these tips. A clear glass cutting board next to the stove won’t detract from your beautiful counters, but it will protect them.

Invest in trivets to ensure that your counters are protected from hot pots, and take the time to maintain your granite, butcher block and other natural stone counters. Your counters will provide you with years of service when you take the time to maintain and care for them.


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