5 Steps For Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertops

One of the major items in a kitchen is the counters. In many ways, they serve as the gathering place in the kitchen, and they might be where people gather to enjoy a drink when you host a party, help prepare foods for dinner or just chat after a day of work. Choosing the right kitchen countertops can feel overwhelming when you realize just how many choices are available, but it can be much simpler by following these five helpful steps.

1. Measure the Area

The first step in selecting the right countertops for a kitchen involves understanding what the projected size of them will be. If you are simply replacing existing countertops, you can measure them to get an exact idea of what size is required.

If you are starting from scratch in a newly constructed home or even changing the existing layout of the kitchen, however, you will need to get specific measurements to better understand where the appliances will go and how much space will be left for countertops in the kitchen.

2. Set a Budget

Once you have a clear picture of how large the countertops will need to be, you can begin to settle on a specific budget. Although some homeowners don’t set a budget and instead opt to see how things go, that approach can be dangerous unless money is no object whatsoever.

A better idea is to come up with a final number, which will help determine how much you can spend on raw materials and how much you need to set aside for the costs of installation.

3. Determine Usage

This might sound like a strange step, but it is important to understand that every family uses their countertops in a slightly different way.

If you have young children who like helping you bake in the kitchen on a regular basis, then it is vital to have countertops that can be easily cleaned. Other families, however, might prefer to have upscale natural stone countertops that are more about looks than practicality.

4. Pick a Material

Once you have a clear budget as well as a defined usage for the countertops, you can start exploring the various available materials. Vinyl countertops can be among the cheapest options out there, but porcelain and ceramic tile are not far behind.

Wooden countertops might give you the rustic look you want for a more country-style kitchen, and materials like granite, slate, marble or any other natural stone can look elegant and upscale.

5. Choose a Color or Finish

The final step in selecting the perfect countertops for your kitchen involves narrowing down the colors and picking one that blends in cohesively with the rest of the home.

Tiles and vinyl will be available in hundreds of colors and patterns, and even natural materials can be chosen with a stain or varnish to alter the look slightly depending on your preferences.

These five tips are a great way to start the process of choosing the perfect countertops for your new kitchen.

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