Colorful Bathroom Tile Design

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Tile for Your Bathroom

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In most homes, there is no question that the bathroom floors will be tiled. Tile is a solid choice in the bathroom because it can typically withstand the moisture and humidity present in this part of the home, and it also gives the right aesthetic [...]Read more

Beautiful Tile Flooring

A Brief Guide to Tile: Types and Styles

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Deciding on a tiling style can be both a daunting and exciting process. Whether you're tiling a kitchen, bathroom, or some other room in your home, choosing the right tile can be imperative to ensure that a room ends up with the feel that you [...]Read more

Kitchen Tile in Stylish Kitchen

What to Look for When Purchasing Kitchen Flooring and Tile

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Homeowners are usually very eager to purchase new flooring or tile for their kitchen when remodeling, but they can also become overwhelmed by the wide range of options available today. Another concern, of course, is making the best investment to increase the value of their [...]Read more

Tile Flooring

Cool Flooring Options for Your Home

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When it comes to flooring in your home, you're probably familiar with carpet, hardwood, tile and linoleum. However, there are other interesting options you may not be aware of. Here are just a few of the cool looks you can enjoy that don’t involve the [...]Read more

Kitchen Backsplash

Glass Kitchen Tile Brings Grace and Dimension to Design

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Decorators prize bright, sunny kitchens for their cheerful ambiance and suggestion of cleanliness and health. Using glass tiles in kitchens rated low on style meters as recently as 20 years ago, but growing concerns for the environment and the dramatic reflective qualities of subway, mosaic [...]Read more

Glass Tile

Create a Variety of Moods With Glass Tile in Your Home

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Typically, once you decide on the type of decor you prefer, you will carry that decor throughout your entire home. That doesn't mean that every room has to have the same color pattern. Complementary colors keep your overall decor from becoming mundane. Most likely, there [...]Read more