Modern Shower Head

New Shower Hardware For Your Bathroom Remodel

Orlando Home Direct Team

When you're remodeling your bathroom, you have many options. You may be upgrading the tile in the shower, the enclosure itself as well as the hardware. To make sure your bathroom is upgraded to the fullest, give some consideration to the shower hardware. Various Types of Bathroom Hardware When [...]Read more

Shower with Clear Door

Plastic or Glass Shower Doors for the Bathroom?

Orlando Home Direct Team

Both glass and plastic bathroom shower doors offer their own unique set of qualities, such as price, lifespan, durability, and ease of maintenance. Considering these factors before making a purchase will help immensely in deciding which type is right for you. Glass Doors The first and [...]Read more

Luxury Bathroom with Shower and Tub

Design A Shower That Pampers and Relaxes

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Busy schedules and the constant accessibility to others have almost made peaceful solitary moments an elusive dream. For many, the time spent in the shower is about the only retreat they get from their hectic lifestyle. That's a very good reason to design your shower [...]Read more

Glass Tile Shower

Be Wary Of Trendy Design Ideas When Choosing Shower Tiles

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Choosing tiles and tile designs for your shower requires a bit more contemplation than some of the lesser expensive decor decisions. Keep in mind that changing the tile in your shower is a much more expensive project than changing the paint color on the walls. [...]Read more

Bathroom With Corner Shower

How To Choose The Best Shower For Your Home

Orlando Home Direct Team

Installing a new shower in your bathroom is an exciting change to make in your home. You'll find there are many options on the market today, so be prepared to take a look at various types and evaluate all of the features they have to [...]Read more