Beautiful With Island

Tips for Selecting Your Perfect Kitchen Island

Orlando Home Direct Team

Adding one of the numerous styles of kitchen islands to your home is a great way to transform your kitchen and improve the storage situation too. A lot of people assume that there is no way for them to make their kitchen appear larger without [...]Read more

Kitchen Island

The Pros And Cons Of Adding A Kitchen Island

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  One of the most popular requests for a kitchen remodel is to include an island within the space. The biggest reason that many individuals want to include an island in the kitchen is simply because it looks great. In a larger kitchen space, an [...]Read more

Elegant Blue Kitchen Island

Kitchen Islands Add Organization and Style

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The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, and, unfortunately, many homes were not built for modern appliances and electronics.  Creating a kitchen island is a great way to organize and create more room and storage in your kitchen. Homeowners have a [...]Read more