Buying furniture for your home

7 Things to Consider When Buying New Furniture

Orlando Home Direct Team

There are many different reasons you need to purchase new furnishings for your home. You might be planning to remodel your existing home, you might have to replace some broken or dated furniture or you might be outfitting a brand new home that has just [...]Read more

accent furniture for the home

What is the Purpose of Accent Furniture?

Orlando Home Direct Team

When most people go shopping for furniture, they have a specific purpose for the piece in mind. You might buy a table so that your family has somewhere to eat dinner, you buy beds so that you have somewhere to sleep and you purchase chairs [...]Read more

Home Decor Accessories

Finding Inspiration For Your Home Decor

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At first, you would think that choosing decorative items for an unadorned room would be an easy thing to do. However, a room that is void of decorative items is like a blank page to a writer or an white canvas to an artist. In [...]Read more

Home Organization Tips

Easy Tips for Getting Organized

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Is the time right to finally take control of your house? Getting organized starts with eliminating items in the home you no longer love, need or use. With the clutter eliminated, you are ready to add clever and attractive organizational elements to the home. Make [...]Read more