Kitchen Countertops

5 Steps For Choosing Kitchen Countertops

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One of the major items in a kitchen is the counters. In many ways, they serve as the gathering place in the kitchen, and they might be where people gather to enjoy a drink when you host a party, help prepare foods for dinner or [...]Read more

Modern Kitchen Countertops

Types of Countertops and How To Keep Them Looking Beautiful

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When you renovate your kitchen, the countertops may prove to be one of your largest expenses. Even Formica counters can be costly, so you want to protect your investment. While you may have chosen the luxurious look of granite, even this durable stone will benefit from these [...]Read more

Countertops in Modern Kitchen

Explore All of Your Options When Choosing New Countertops

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When it comes to kitchen design, homeowners look at everything from cabinets and appliances to sinks and faucets. When it comes to cabinets, countertops are the icing on the cake. Granite is still the rage in kitchen countertops. Nevertheless, whether it is marble, granite or [...]Read more

Granite Kitchen Countertops

How to Incorporate Granite into Your Design Without Breaking Your Budget

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Granite countertops are often in high demand when homeowners start thinking about kitchen remodeling. However, the one drawback to granite counters is that they can put a serious dent in your budget. While it helps to find wholesale pricing on granite, there are also a [...]Read more

Countertops of Granite

Kitchen Countertops: New Materials And Designs

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New materials and designs are creeping into the world of kitchen remodeling and renovation. In no area is this trend more noticeable than in countertops. Here are a few of the big countertop changes you’ll notice when you start considering your next kitchen remodeling project. [...]Read more