Luxury Bathroom

What to Look For When Selecting Bathroom Cabinets

Orlando Home Direct Team

Bathroom cabinets are a key part of the room because they allow you to keep certain items out of view, keep the room from getting cluttered and they serve as the perfect structure for the bathroom sink. Whether you are remodeling the bathroom and want to [...]Read more

Beautiful Modern Bathroom

Choosing Bathroom Cabinets For Better Storage

Orlando Home Direct Team

Most homes could benefit from having more storage in the bathroom. Modern house plans include extra cabinets, but older homes are usually lacking in storage space. Fortunately, you can easily add storage cabinets to the bathroom, so it will be easy to store your extra towels, toiletries [...]Read more

Bathroom Cabinets

Cabinet Styles for Simple Design in the Bathroom

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  The stylish bathrooms of today are a far cry from the simple water closets of the past. Modern cabinetry has raised the design of vanity and linen cabinets. The latest offerings pair specialized storage with soft-close compression technology for an added layer of practicality. [...]Read more