Tips for Decorating with White Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom in White

White may not be the first color that comes to mind when you’re thinking about color palettes for your bedroom, but it’s a color that’s definitely worth your consideration. As a color associated with light, cleanliness and new beginnings, the color white is ideal for the place where you start your day.

Under the soft light of evening, white takes on a gentle luminescence that encourages you to drift off into sound, refreshing sleep. The following tips may inspire you to makeover your bedroom with wonderful white.

White Offers Versatility and Adaptable Style

The color white is adaptable to virtually every type of decorative style. Few pieces of furniture are more contemporary than a modern bed platform finished in high-gloss white enamel paint.

On the other hand, nothing exemplifies the cottage decorative style better than a piece of wood furniture finished with a soft wash of white. Whether it’s a Colonial canopy bed or a chic French armoire, white bedroom furniture offers versatile design solutions for every bedroom in your home.

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White as an Interior Design Tool

Savvy designers know how to use the color white to give rooms a unified, cohesive style. The color white can be used as a design tool to “marry” contrasting colors.

Shades like deep purple and bright pink, for example, can feel too intense to use together in a bedroom. Add white into the mix, however, and the color palette feels light, feminine and charming.

Mixed with pastel shades, the color white adds a serene atmosphere to your boudoir. For a feeling of elegant sophistication, it’s hard to match black and white combinations for stellar style.

White also offers an expansive feeling that can make small bedrooms feel bigger. The more of the neutral shade that you include in your bedroom, the larger the room will appear. If you’re decorating a large-sized space, touches of white used throughout the room act as unifying elements that pull the look of the room together.

Choosing the Perfect Shade of White

The key to designing with white successfully is to choose the right shade of the color for your room. If you prefer a bright white shade, opt for glossy finishes that make keeping the furniture clean an easy chore.

Softer shades of white like alabaster and ivory are more forgiving when it comes to hiding fingerprints and covering stains. White bedroom furnishings are available in both warm and cool tones.

Choose a gray-white shade to brighten up bedrooms decorated in blue, green or purple. White with a pale yellow overtone softens warm-color shades like orange and red.

Imagine waking each morning to a light and bright environment that gives you the energy that you need to face a busy day. That’s the kind of benefit that the color white offers when incorporated into your bedroom décor.

Adaptable, versatile and emotionally appealing, the color white offers wonderful ways to furnish your bedroom with unique style.

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