Master Bedroom Furniture: Selecting The Essential Pieces

Master Bedroom Luxury

Setting up the perfect master bedroom requires selecting the right type of furniture pieces for the ultimate comfort and pleasant appearance.

A bed, night stand or two, chest of drawers and a dresser usually make up the essential pieces of furniture for your master suite.

It’s All About The Bed

The centerpiece and highlight of any master bedroom is without a doubt the bed. King size and queen size beds are the most popular choices for a master room or suite.

Such large beds should have sturdy frames that can support several layers of modern mattresses. Additionally, king size or queen size beds usually come with large headboards and footboards for function and style.

Some headboards are upholstered with soft material to allow you to sit up in a comfortable position before going to sleep. Fabric, leather and synthetic materials are commonly used to offer a plush feeling for your back and head.

Wooden beds usually have beautiful decorative features such as tapered, flared or scalloped legs with attractive carvings. Scrolls and other carved features also give any bed plenty of appeal. Metal hardware such as exposed nail trimmings or attractive wrought iron carvings also add plenty of appeal to any large bed.

Bedside Furniture Pieces

Any master bedroom should have convenient pieces of furniture for storage. For example, a simple nightstand is usually used to hold table lamps and modern electronics such as cell phones and alarm clocks.

A compact nightstand should also have some drawers to store important items like a wallet or jewelry. Night stands should be at the same level as the bed  for reaching and access.

Consider getting wooden finishes such as mahogany, oak or bamboo to match your overall master bedroom theme. Some night stands also feature grommets and other compartments for managing wires and cables of common modern electronic gadgets.

Master Bedroom Storage Furniture

Chests of Drawers are perhaps the most popular types of large furniture for master bedrooms. Chests offer a great way to organize your clothing and have convenient access to it right near a bed. Most drawer chests have a vertical design to save space but a horizontal design is appropriate for a spacious room.

Metal hardware is usually used on the drawer handles to contrast the various types of wooden finishes. Wide drawers should have double handles for a getting a good grip on them. Drawer chests are commonly available in reproduced antique styles for master bedrooms that have traditional themes. Distressed finishes with exposed wooden textures give drawer chests traditional appeal.

Some other popular types of master bedroom furniture to consider include dressers, vanity sets and ottomans. When furnishing your master suite, just remember to try maintain the overall theme of the area.

Traditional bedrooms call for rich and lavish colors and textures in furniture. Modern bedrooms call for furniture that has sleek profiles, sharp geometric features and contrasting colors such as black and red.

Your own personal taste and style should dictate what you choose to include in your bedroom. This room should be decorated to soothe and relax since it is your own private space within your home.


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