Remodeling Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Unique

Beautiful Bathroom With Whirlpool Tub

When you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, you have the perfect opportunity to add a fresh take on your space. You are not inhibited by the existing design of your bathroom since your goal is to change things up in the room. Try some of these ideas to add unique remodeling features to your bathroom.

Add a Uniquely Shaped Window

Bathrooms can seem much more inviting and bright when you add windows to them. Take this concept a step further by adding a unique window. A captain’s window can provide a charming aspect to the space. A skylight adds a luxurious feel.

Even a small, peeping window can make a big difference in the room. Bathrooms that have irregular roof lines can look amazing with a window added to a sloping wall.

Carve Out Some Space

Add a unique feature to your bathroom space by carving an area out of a wall. Within this carved area, place an aquarium, fireplace, terrarium, candle and rock display or some other type of unique display that will make the space seem one-of-a-kind.

Add Fabric

In a well-structured bathroom, you can use fabric in a variety of places to add a special touch. Choose a color and pattern that will add interest to your bathroom and coordinate with matching towels and accessories.

Use Acrylic Fixtures

Acrylic fixtures work as well as any other type of fixture. The difference is that acrylic fixtures do not take up the same amount of visual space as other fixtures. They are translucent so they project the image of a larger room. An acrylic tub seems like magic when a bath is running in a nearly invisible space.

Add a Seating Area

A seating area can make your bathroom appear warm and welcoming. If you have enough space, add a comfy chair and a little table where you can sit to polish your nails or do a mini pedicure. A window seat is another charming option.

Add a Platform

Having flooring at different levels is another creative way to add interest in the space. Raise a portion of the flooring to create a stage effect. Then place your tub, shower or other feature on this raised portion of the room for an instant focal point.

Add Beautiful Tile

While tile in bathrooms is certainly not a new idea, there are things that you can do with tile to make your space truly unique. Add matching tile to the walls and floors for a cohesive appearance. You can also extend the same tile to your tub or shower surround. Another option is to add a beautiful accent tile all the way around the room.

Add a backsplash behind your sink that extends all the way to the ceiling. Use colorful tiles in the shower surround that change colors when hot water hits them.

Play with Color

Gone are the days where every room in your house needs to be white or beige. Use an interesting mix of colors to add an instant dramatic impact. Creating a unique bathroom remodeling is only limited by your own creativity. Try some unique ideas to make your space truly special.

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