What to Look For When Selecting Bathroom Cabinets

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Bathroom cabinets are a key part of the room because they allow you to keep certain items out of view, keep the room from getting cluttered and they serve as the perfect structure for the bathroom sink. Whether you are remodeling the bathroom and want to upgrade the cabinets or you are ready to outfit a brand new home, these are the key things to look for when selecting bathroom cabinets.

The Right Size For the Bathroom

The most obvious thing to look for when browsing bathroom cabinetry is the size of the cabinet. If you are simply replacing existing cabinets, then carefully measure them to ensure that the new version is as close as possible to the right size. If you are outfitting an empty bathroom, it is time to bring out the measuring tape.

Make sure that you go shopping with exact dimensions to ensure that any cabinets you buy will fit perfectly in the home. When it doubt, err on the smaller size rather than risking the chance that the cabinets don’t fit and have to be shipped back to the manufacturer or returned to the retail store.

Enough Storage For Your Belongings

Once you have the right measurements for the cabinets, the next thing to look out for will be ample storage for all of your belongings. Different people store a range of items in their bathrooms, but you will definitely want to have room for spare rolls of toilet paper, towels and toiletries.

Cabinets include swinging doors that reveal shelves inside, sliding doors to save space in smaller bathrooms and even drawers that pull out for the most storage at your fingertips.

A Price Within Your Budget

Even if a particular cabinet is amazing, it won’t be a good choice unless it fits into your budget. Thankfully, there are few additional costs associated with the cabinets after they are purchased.

If you have some DIY experience, you may be able to install the cabinets yourself. Otherwise, be sure to budget for professional assistance. If you are planning to install the cabinets away from the floor, meaning that the weight is supported by the wall, then professional help is probably the safest bet.

A Style Cohesive With the Rest of the Bathroom

The final thing to look for when choosing new cabinets is the overall style of the unit. Generally, the idea is that the cabinets should match the decor present throughout the whole house, but it is far more important that they at least look stylish in the bathroom.

If you have stainless steel fixtures in the bathroom, for example, a rustic cabinet with lots of visible wood grain will look out of place. If possible, use just one type of wood in the bathroom.

Bathroom cabinetry is a staple in that particular room of the house, and it can pull together the look of the space. Let these tips help you make the right choice for your own home.

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