Cabinet Styles for Simple Design in the Bathroom

 Bathroom Cabinets

The stylish bathrooms of today are a far cry from the simple water closets of the past. Modern cabinetry has raised the design of vanity and linen cabinets.

The latest offerings pair specialized storage with soft-close compression technology for an added layer of practicality.

Whether you are designing a half-bath, master suite, or main bath, there are countless ways to add interest and function to your space.

Customized and Semi-Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Choose customizable cabinets to add flair and personality to your bath design. Crown molding and beadboard overlay doors create a feeling of depth and drama in large bathrooms. Painted, stained and thermofoil finishes give a fresh look to small bathrooms.

His- and her-cabinets keep things clean and organized. The possibilities to refresh and restore the look of bathrooms are endless with semi-custom cabinets.

Affordable Stock Bathroom Cabinets

Ready-made stock cabinets bring your bath up-to-date in no time at all. Stock cabinets appeal to homeowners who do not have the time to invest in a complete remodel. Stock cabinets also provide fashion-forward streamlined design with enough options to please most budget-savvy homeowners.

Simple Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Some homeowners want to use their kitchen or bathroom cabinets as a way to set the decorative tone or express personal style.

While there is certainly nothing wrong with that, many others just want to choose simple cabinet types in order to store their belongings and not detract from the rest of the decor within the home.

If you are interested in one of the more simple cabinet types look for the following characteristics when cabinet shopping:

Flat Panels

The simplest cabinets will have a completely flat panel in the front instead of a raised panel, molding along the edges or a visible cabinet frame. Choosing flat panels means that your cabinets are more likely to blend into the rest of the space and not become a focal point.

Cohesive Colors

There are many attractive cabinets in bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens that utilize bold colors or unique wood finishes to attract attention. A more simple cabinet will come in the same color as other items in the room. This provides a more connected and cohesive look in any space.

By choosing simple cabinets with flat panels and cohesive coloring you can create an attractive space in any room within your home.

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