Take a Look at the New Kitchen Backsplash Trends

Glass Backsplash in Kitchen

There was a time when kitchen backsplashes were placed behind the sink and stove simply to protect the wall from water and splatters. In today’s kitchen designs, you will still see backsplashes in those locations, but you will also notice that they are being used in numerous other locations in the kitchen.

Backsplashes have progressed far beyond being used solely for practical purposes; now they are considered one of the primary focal points of the kitchen decor.

Backsplash Placement

In today’s kitchen designs, a backsplash is added behind the sink, behind the stove and often behind many or all of the kitchen counters.

The once popular 4″ backsplash is no longer stylish. Instead, backsplashes that are 7″ or 9″ high or higher are the current trend.

Backsplash Designs

All types of tile is used in many designs to create a beautiful backsplash.

  • Ceramic subway tile remains a popular choice. They fit perfectly in today’s kitchen designs when the larger size tiles are used.
  • As is typical of all trends, a backsplash option that is regaining popularity is textured glass.
  • Stone tiles and glass tiles are still popular, but, like subway tiles, some elements of design have changed.

While it was once a popular trend to include stone and glass mosaic designs in the kitchen, it is now more acceptable to use stone and glass tiles that are uniform in color. It is also popular to use stone and glass tiles of any size or to combine various size tiles as long as the tiles are the same or very closely similar in color.

Kitchen Lighting

You may not have considered the connection between the backsplashes in your kitchen and the lighting you choose. However, in today’s kitchens, there is a big focus on choosing a backsplash color and material that will allow the light to dance on it.

There’s also a focus on how the lighting and the backsplash work together to create an intriguing shadow affect in the kitchen.

Backsplash Colors

White continues to rank high on the list of most popular backsplash colors. However, the use of bold, bright colors is gaining popularity.

The darker, richer colors with a shiny finish are perfect for reflecting light. Adding lighting under the cabinet is a great way to draw attention to the beautifully artistic backsplash you have added throughout your kitchen design.

It is no longer necessary nor trendy to choose a backsplash material and color that matches your counter top. The backsplash can be a totally separate aspect of your kitchen design.

If you are designing a kitchen or updating a kitchen, the backsplash is a part of the design that you should give a lot of consideration to. Although, it is still a functional part of a kitchen, it has moved much farther up the design ladder.

The backsplash you include in the design can dramatically influence the appearance and atmosphere of your kitchen.


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