Kitchen Backsplashes For A Fresh Look In Any Style

Kitchen With Backsplash

Once upon a time, basic kitchen backsplashes were installed on the wall behind sinks and stoves to protect the area from water splashes and food spatters and to make cleaning those areas much easier.

Today, backsplashes are still functional but they also often add a decorative accent to the kitchen and include the wall space behind all the countertop areas.

In the past, a standard backsplash went up the wall four inches, but modern day backsplashes cover a larger area from seven to nine inches, and often it covers the entire wall space especially above the stove or between the countertops and upper cabinets.

Create a Tiled Backsplash for Décor and Durability

When remodeling a kitchen, think about a tiled and patterned backsplash. Beautiful tiles are made from various materials including glazed ceramic, but there are some amazing tiles available in glass, stone, marble, stainless steel, bronze, and many more.

A mix of tile sizes and colors in a unique arrangement is one alternative, or opt to use identical tiles in clean symmetrical lines. Whatever material is used in the backsplash, a durable material such as tile that is also easy to clean is the best plan.

Design a Backsplash for a Striking Focal Point

Hand painted ceramic tiles that stand-alone or are part of an artistic tile mural help to create a focus in the kitchen. For example, if a Mediterranean styled kitchen has a stove that is a study in culinary beauty, a backsplash depicting a rolling Tuscan countryside or an artistic still life display may be the perfect focal point for the room.

The finishing touch to a pale or monochrome kitchen may be colorful tiles in an eclectic shabby chic mosaic pattern. A romantic French country kitchen may call for a backsplash fashioned from pretty blue and white painted delft tiles.

Plan a Backsplash for a Fresh and Conventional Look

A modern stark white kitchen may call for a backsplash in matching white subway tiles, or a solid color works well too for finishing the room effectively. Create a graphic checkerboard look in black and white one-inch tiles or any contrasting color combination that instantly sets off the room.

The small kitchen may benefit from a mirrored backsplash to create an illusion of more space, but most kitchens can also gain a lift from a fun pop of color.

The possibilities are endless, but when choosing the look and materials for a backsplash take into consideration the countertops, cabinets, appliances, and flooring colors and materials so that the components of the kitchen balance each other.

Choose a contemporary or classic look, but enjoy creating a fun, functional, and interesting kitchen backsplash.

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