Ideas for Stunning Kitchen Backsplashes

BacksplashThe backsplash in your kitchen sees a great deal of abuse. It becomes wet when you wash dishes, food splatters on it, and grease collects on it while you cook. You need a backsplash that’s easy to clean, but you also want it to be an asset to the kitchen design.

Before you reach for gloss paint, consider some of these smart options for your backsplash.


Granite slabs are commonly placed on counters, but you can also carry it onto the backsplash. This will make any kitchen look more sophisticated while creating a space that’s easy to clean and care for.

This is a rich look that will add value to your home and make a grand impression on friends and family alike.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is used in homes for everything from appliances to cabinets and even backsplashes. Used in a plain sheet, it creates a modern, industrial feel that appeals to many chefs. If you want the durability of stainless with a softer look, then opt for a textured finish that mimics the look of small tiles.

It will still be easy to clean and able to handle the abuse, but it will create a more traditional finish in the room.

Murals and Medallions

Many people choose tile for their kitchen backsplashes, but you don’t have to settle for anything ordinary. Rather than simple coordinating tiles, take this space to a higher level with a beautiful mural or medallion.

It adds beauty to the area as your stove becomes part of a larger work of art. It makes a grand statement while allowing you to minimize the functional look of the stove with attractive wall finishes.

Colored Glass

One benefit of colored glass is that it adds vibrant color while also reflecting more light. The room appears larger, and the color can make other features stand out more.

In addition to choosing mosaic glass with small tiles, you can also choose recycled glass or even elegant glass sheets to finish this space.

Beautiful Wallpaper and Glass Covering

If you are dreaming of a luxurious pattern for the wall, then wallpaper is a good choice for color, pattern and texture. However, the environment in a kitchen can destroy wallpaper if it is not protected. Companies are now selling clear glass backsplashes that bolt to the wall and protect more delicate surfaces.

The glass can easily be cleaned, and the elegant wallpaper below will be protected from harm. You can create a unique look with this easy method, and you can always pull the glass down and replace the wallpaper if you grow tired of it.

Whether you’re looking for colors or spectacular patterns, you can get creative with your backsplash. These options are all durable and easy to clean. They won’t be harmed by grease, moisture or splashing food.

Most importantly, they will add beauty and style to your kitchen by making the backsplash more visually interesting.

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