Kitchen With Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplashes For A Fresh Look In Any Style

Orlando Home Direct Team

Once upon a time, basic kitchen backsplashes were installed on the wall behind sinks and stoves to protect the area from water splashes and food spatters and to make cleaning those areas much easier. Today, backsplashes are still functional but they also often add a [...]Read more


Ideas for Stunning Kitchen Backsplashes

Orlando Home Direct Team

The backsplash in your kitchen sees a great deal of abuse. It becomes wet when you wash dishes, food splatters on it, and grease collects on it while you cook. You need a backsplash that's easy to clean, but you also want it to be [...]Read more

Glass Backsplash in Kitchen

Take a Look at the New Kitchen Backsplash Trends

Orlando Home Direct Team

There was a time when kitchen backsplashes were placed behind the sink and stove simply to protect the wall from water and splatters. In today's kitchen designs, you will still see backsplashes in those locations, but you will also notice that they are being used [...]Read more