Outfitting a New Kitchen: Which Appliances Are Necessary?

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Whether you are outfitting a newly constructed kitchen on a budget or you are remodeling with a strict financial guideline, outfitting a kitchen can be pricey. The appliances themselves will be a large portion of your budget, and you might even be in a position where you want to buy just one item at a time until the space it complete.

If that sounds like the best plan for you, this guide will pinpoint which appliance you need right away and which items to purchase at a later date. What you definitely don’t want is to go into debt and overspend buying an appliance that you don’t need or could even do without.

Starting From Scratch

If you are moving into a brand new home, you might be starting from scratch when it comes to appliance items in the kitchen. In this case, take a good look at your typical dining plan.

If you eat out most nights and just dine on cereal with milk before heading out to work in the morning, don’t splurge on that double oven quite yet. A basic, energy-efficient refrigerator and a small toaster oven might be everything you need.

A New To You Home

In most states, buying a new home will come with at least a few appliance items in the kitchen. In almost every case, you will get an oven hook-up for easy installation and a refrigerator. If this is your situation, they you might be able to get by without a big purchase for a few weeks or months.

A small toaster or a crockpot could take the place of an oven for a few quick meals, and the fridge can still safely store all your perishable foods.

The First Purchases

It probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that after the fridge, the microwave is the most-used appliance in many modern kitchens. Whether you use it to warm up water for a cup of tea, pop a bag of popcorn for a late-night snack or just microwave a meal for dinner, it is a handy appliance that is also cost-effective.

Many homeowners, especially those with large families, may also want one of their first appliance purchases to be a dishwasher. If you spend a lot of time working to keep your kitchen clean, this can be an effective way to get the dishes done in a lot less time. An oven may also be something you are ready to buy if one isn’t already in the home.

Extra Purchases

After a microwave, a fridge, an oven and a dishwasher, you can get creative when it comes to buying the appliance items you want most. Many families can benefit from things like a blender, a coffeemaker, a toaster, a bread-maker, an electric mixer or even a food processor.

While these items might not be necessary, they can make your life more enjoyable and cooking much simpler.

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