Considering Household Appliance Upgrades

Laundry Room

A home renovation can involve adding some new appliances. Homeowners should consider factors such as energy efficiency, capacity, style and of course budget when making appliance upgrades in the kitchen, laundry room and basement.

Expecting Energy Efficiency For A Household Appliance

Efficiency in household products is becoming a top priority for homeowners that want to save money on costly utility bills each month. The most energy efficient appliance options are labeled with Energy Star stamps that act as official approvals by the United States government, particularly the Environmental Protection Agency.

An efficient appliance operates on a relatively low power wattage and has energy saving capabilities that prevent wasting electricity, water and gas. For example, a modern refrigerator goes into sleep mode at night while a contemporary washing machine uses a minimum amount of water on a every small load of laundry.

Considering Capacity For Specific Household Needs

Capacity is another important specification to consider when getting a new appliance for the home. A large refrigerator is on the scale of over 25 cubic feet in internal capacity, and it is sufficient to accommodate at least five people in a household. An appliance that is “empty” upon use will waste precious electricity, water and gas.

For example, a large drying machine with a capacity of 6 cubic feet is considered wasteful if the laundry load fills up half of the inside on most drying cycles. When it comes to the internal capacity of ovens and range tops, most of these appliance capacities are roughly in the same category.

Space Saving Appliance Sizes

A large appliance can sometimes take too much space in the kitchen, basement, laundry room or other parts of a home with limited floor area. A space saving appliance design provides great solutions for apartments and similar residential units.

For example, a stacking laundry room set includes a dryer that rests on top of a washing machine. Such an appliance combination is usually installed in tight spaces in apartment closets near bathrooms or the kitchen.

Extra wide refrigerators can take up a lot of space in the kitchen, and that’s why it’s important to select a traditional freezer top style fridge for tight spaces. A double French door refrigerator is simply too wide for small kitchens.

Appliance Designs and Styles

Stainless steel, black and white seem to be the most popular choices in appliance styles. Stainless steel is very durable as it offers protection against abrasions, scratches and fingerprint smudges. However, stainless steel is the right finish only for a kitchen with a modern interior design.

Black and white colors have neutral finishes that blend in well in traditional or modern kitchens. Homeowners can also have some fun with their appliance choices by selecting colors such as red and blue for laundry room appliance sets.

A reliable appliance should come with a warranty that homeowners can use in case certain problems occur. Appliance users should also remember to contact professional installation and maintenance services to prevent a void warranty.

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